Open Positions

Relationship Manager / Project Manager


Part-time / Full-time


  • Maintain a social media strategy that understands all aspects of the client business and integrates PR, promotional objectives, current news, trends, etc.  

  • Develops content strategy for social media posting on a regular basis

  • Create timely and engaging content optimized for the platform used and intended audience.

  • Conceptualize engaging and professional designs that reflect client and their brand (Customize social media pages (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube), develop supporting offline collateral, create original content, etc).

  • Work with teams to create a solid branding message

  • Responsible for the growth of the account’s social following, tracking KPIs

  • Manages multiple accounts across the same brand or different brands

  • Has an understanding of holistic marketing solutions that bring value to brand growth

  • Creates monthly reports and proposes new initiatives and opportunities as they arise

  • Regular client correspondence including but not limited to status updates, creative reviews, opportunity proposals, strategic discussions.

Production Intern



  • Assist production staff in coordinating and managing production resourcing and calendars

  • Research topics using a variety of sources, including video archives, the internet, library archives and others as needed.

  • Communicate with writers, directors, managers and other members of staff to ensure a smooth running of the project.

  • Run errands such as purchasing supplies, props, equipment, food and other necessary items for the project.

  • Produce and edit video content that adhere to company guidelines and standards to share on online channels, including social media and YouTube.

  • Provide assistance as needed in all components of the production, including sound, lighting, camera, editing and postproduction.

  • Perform other duties as requested by staff to ensure all necessary tasks are performed in a proficient manner that adheres to the quality expected from the company.


  • Minimum 2 years editing experience

  • High level of proficiency in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop

  • Strong understanding of video industry standard formats and media/asset management practices

  • Ability to work both independently on projects as well as to collaborate in a team environment

  • Highly organized with excellent communication skills.

  • A self-starter/motivator who continually raises the creative bar

  • Motion design and animation experience

  • High level of skill with pro cameras.

  • Skilled in building narratives through visual storytelling

  • Thorough knowledge of digital platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) formats and distribution.

Video Editor


Part-time / Full-time

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